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Python Scripting Engine

Under the hood, ODIN possesses a powerful Python scripting engine capable of taking any data and performing complex calculations and manipulations. 


What does this mean for the user?  Python is a well-regarded open source software resource that can be used to produce 'scripts' - short discrete bits of computer code that allows the user to set up a particular calculation within data.  The beauty of these scripts are:

  • They can be imported and exported, so once you have written a script to do a particular calculation type, you can use it in anywhere. You can distribute it to other users or import the scripts they have written if they have scripts that are useful in your experiment.
  • There is a wizard to help users set up scripts to set up the parameters of the most common calculations (e.g. joint angles)
  • Codamotion also provides a library of importable scripts to users with a software maintenane contract.  This includes an extensive toolbox of commonly required calulation types.
  • Scripts can be set to run only in post-processing or in real time, so calculated results can be displayed in real time or used to drive 'trigger signals' to external devices (for example, if you want to trigger an alarm or initialise a particular third party device when certain conditions are met.) 
  • Scripts can be chained together so they form a pipeline of calculation to be performed on recorded data
  • Scripts can be used to create virtual points, model behaviour and even drive objects in the 3D output display that are displayed alongside the normal stick figure.

Note: ODIN always stores raw data, so no matter what calculations you set up in Python, you are never in danger of corrupting the recorded data or losing track of what calculations have and haven't been performed.

Codamotion provides user training on scripting, including advanced training for those users who want to take their protocols and calculations to the next level. 



Why ODIN Software?

  • Highest Accuracy

    Highest Accuracy

    Codamotion technology allows more accurate measurements at greater marker-to-sensor separations.

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  • Most Reliable Tracking

    Most Reliable Tracking

    The infra-red markers used in our systems leave our factory with their

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  • Shortest Set Up Time

    Shortest Set Up Time

    A single user can set up a Codamotion system in a new

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  • Lowest Cost of Ownership

    Lowest Cost of Ownership

    Codamotion systems require a minimum amount of routine management and provide more

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  • Most Portable System

    Most Portable System

    Codamotion systems can be carried by a single user and set up

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  • Integrate Video and Other Data

    Integrate Video and Other Data

    It's easy to synchornise or integrate video and other data streams.

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