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What's Codamotion Doing in Gait?

Every year when I come round to look at updating documentation, it's always amazing to me, how much of our product we've changed since last year.  I guess that's what comes in being at the 'high-tech' end of a high technology market.  This year, the new wand sets and our integrated pelvic frames have been gathering the most plaudits.

You have to agree, it makes for a tidy, professional-looking marker set up when applied to the patient.

It's not surprising, therefore, that our customer contact pages have been bursting with questions about Codamotion's capability in Gait Analysis, most of which seems to centre around software and videos, foexample:

a) Can I import my old .C3d files? 

Yes. The format of a .c3d file is set by international standard and our Codamotion ODIN software will both import legacy .c3d files and export files in this format, as well as most other standard motion file formats. Certain manufacturers have on occasion deviated from the .c3d standard by introducing extra tags into the files, but - with a little import scripting from our tech support team - we can cope with importing even those 'non-compliant' legacy files. 

Furthermore, Codamotion also use an enhanced motion bundle format for transferring data between Codamotion systems. Whereas a .c3d file effectively just has the trial data in it, the 'motion bundle' contains everything about the set up of the live system (sensor unit configurations, set ups, loaded protocols, custom scripts etc.) as well as data from any open trials. In effect, it allows you to package up everything that's open on the Codamotion system you're sitting in front off, send it to someone on the other side of the world, and know that, when they open it, they will see the data displayed and analysed in exactly the way you saw it when you sent it. (It's very useful for collaborating with colleagues, and/or for diagnostics if you ever have a problem and you need us to look at your set up. The way we store data in the central database also ensures that there is a audit trail right back to the original acquired data not matter how many people have accessed it and tried to analyse it with different calculation scripts, filters etc.) 

b) Can I use contextual video for comparison? 

Yes. In ODIN version 1.05, we introduced video integration and synchronisation. This operates in two ways: 

• The ability to trigger the acquisition of video in synch with a 3D motion trial (from the CodaHub) and play back both video and 3D motion data in perfect sychronisation. All you need is a camera or cameras with a trigger input. 

• The ability to manually set and save synchronisation settings between a video and a 3D trial even if they weren't synchronised when originally acquired. This allows for the use of cameras which have no reliable 'trigger' to start acquisition in synch. Video from cameras as sophisticated as 1000fps broadcast quality video cameras to as simple as a handheld iPhone can be used with this feature. 

c) Can I do other stuff (e.g. upper arm analysis)? 

Our clients are already using Codamotion systems for upper arm analysis in a number of different applications. In a clinical setting, a number of client labs (including Central Remedial Clinic in Dublin) have developed their existing Codamotion capability in this direction, and we have recently been working on collaborative projects with UK universities involving upper body modelling in very challenging circumstances, such as wheelchair rugby and basketball.

All this and more is covered in our gait analysis pages on the website.

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jorden on Monday, 28 December 2015 04:29

Great advice! So simple but often forgotten. Thanks for a great read.

Great advice! So simple but often forgotten. Thanks for a great read.
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