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Welcome to our blog. Under our motto "Improving Lives" we invite existing users and those new to Codamotion to share our journey, find out more about the day-to-day activities of our company and its people and participate in our community.

World Muscle Society - Strengthening Upper Body Research

We are delighted to participate at the 20th Conference of the World Muscle Society and see the brilliant work being done by doctors, clinicians, researchers and charities working in tthe field of degenerative muscular disorders. 

Degenerative disease is one of the more difficult subject areas that we cover as a motion capture company. The impact on patients and families who are touched by muscular disorders is profound and it is always very heart-warming to see any developments that help improve lives of both patients and their families. On this note, there are many positive stories coming from the WMS conference in 2015. 

Of particular interest for us is the extent to which upper body analysis is becomming more widely used and more sophisticated as a means to better monitor disease progression. This is clearly even more critical for those patients who have already lost lower limb function. While many drugs companies and their therapies focus on gross motion mobility as the key indicator of efficacy, the clinical and research community is pushing the boundaries of motion analysis to allow better monitoring, care and focused interventions for patients in mid- to latter stages of their disease. 

We would like to thanks all those who already visited our booth, and invite anyone who would like to share their stories and knowledge to drop by. We are here until Sunday.

24th Conference of ESMAC - Heidelberg DE
What's Codamotion Doing in Gait?


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Friday, 23 February 2018
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