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Research Biomechanics

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Research Biomechanics

 In the research environment, Codamotion systems offer capability and flexibility that no other system can provide.

Codamotion technology is based on a research heritage that stretches back to the 1970s. Its reputation for excellence makes it the first choice of researchers and clinicians in a variety of research categories: 

  • Clinical Analysis 
  • Sports Movement 
  • Neuroscience
  • Ergonomics
  • Virtual Reality

What Makes Codamotion Special?

A 3D movement analysis system must provide a complete and integrated measurement process for the biomechanical researcher. That's what Codamotion's combined technologies do.  The Codamotion process is built on a platform of low maintenance, high accuracy hardware that offers real time feedback and data outputs that need no post processing.  Our software controls a four-step measurement process designed to support the researcher's needs, even when measuring the most difficult of subjects.  What you get with Codamotion:

  • The most accurate measurements from our own CODA sensor units
  • Easy integration of third party sensors such as force plates and EMG systems;
  • Comprehensive and user-friendly modelling tools built as standard into our ODIN software, offering complete traceability that preserves the integrity of captured data.
  • A comprehensive library of biomechanical functions to assist the analysis phase, and Python Scripting to allow the advanced user flexibility to add their own functionality.
  • Easy sharing of data and customised outputs in a variety of forms and formats to suit every user.

We recognise that researchers needs are individual and we design and specify every system with the objective of getting the best results from each stage of the process. 

Why Coda For Biomechanics?

  • Real Time Motion Capture

    Real Time Motion Capture

    Real Time Motion Capture is exactly what you get from Codamotion.  Data from a Codamotion system needs no post-treatment, so

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  • Highest Accuracy

    Highest Accuracy

    Codamotion technology allows more accurate measurements at greater marker-to-sensor separations.

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  • Most Reliable Tracking

    Most Reliable Tracking

    The infra-red markers used in our systems leave our factory with their marker IDs already set.  There is never a

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  • Most Flexible Modelling Software

    Most Flexible Modelling Software

    ODIN software has a built in suite of modelling, analysis, calculation and data display capabilities that are right there at

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  • Shortest Set Up Time

    Shortest Set Up Time

    A single user can set up a Codamotion system in a new location in less than ten minutes.

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  • Lowest Cost of Ownership

    Lowest Cost of Ownership

    Codamotion systems require a minimum amount of routine management and provide more measurement capability than any other system while occupying

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  • Most Portable System

    Most Portable System

    Codamotion systems can be carried by a single user and set up anywhere in just a few minutes. 

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  • Integrate Video and Other Data

    Integrate Video and Other Data

    It's easy to synchornise or integrate video and other data streams.

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