Joel Mitchelson Ph.D Managing Director

Joel joined to take over the Managing Director (CEO) role in 2017, and oversees all aspects of the company. Joel brings with him a wealth of business, research, and engineering experience.  His career has encompassed areas as diverse as computer vision, climate science,  augmented reality, and biomechanics.  Joel also has a deep knowledge of 3D movement analysis and quite literally grew up with it – his father is none other than company founder and inventor of the original technology behind Codamotion, David Mitchelson.  Codamotion thus remains a family business.

“It’s a great honour to be able to lead the company as we work with our customers and partners to evolve the movement analysis systems and applications of the future.  Our vision is to maximise the use of movement analysis around the world, with the goal of enhancing lives.  I have seen the markets and technology in this area throughout my life, and am convinced there has never been a more exciting and productive time to be working on this.” – Joel Mitchelson

Sachin Nandha Head of Global Business Development

Sachin is responsible for support, training, and education of our global base of customers and distributors; as well as communicating the capabilities of Codamotion technologies as widely as possible; and facilitating new business.

Sachin has an Engineering degree (Aerospace), as well as a string of postgraduate qualifications around Religion and Politics. He has 10 years experience of building commercial enterprises and successfully launching products and services in several different sectors, ranging from e-commerce, to engineering, to advisory services.

Paul Boyd Production Manager

Paul leads the production team that builds all Codamotion systems at our UK manufacturing facility.  He has over 30 years of production control and production management experience.

Tushar Thaker MSc Software and Platforms Product Manager

Tushar is in charge of creating products that demonstrate the synergy between complex hardware and intuitive software.

One of his main tasks is the ownership of product and platform roadmaps with the company. Tushar has extensive experience developing and maintaining complex real-time applications in 3D motion capture and analysis, including work with other sensor and measurement systems such as force platforms, EMG, gaze-trackers, high-speed video cameras to name some.

Key Contacts

Roman Brunner Dipl.Ing.(FH) Business Development Manager

Roman knows the Codamotion technology very well indeed – before joining the team he previously worked as Research Engineer in a sports medicine research laboratory, where he used Codamotion systems as his main research tool. Roman also has extensive experience with many different movement analysis systems and analysis software products.

“It’s great to have the opportunity to create innovative projects with our customers and experts from different areas. I like to be the bridge between R&D, technical support, and customers’ needs.” – Roman Brunner

Andrew Ward Senior Software and Support Engineer

Melissa Hull Support Engineer

Sarah Charles Office Manager