Codamotion ODIN Reference Guides

Welcome to ODIN

This section details features of Codamotion ODIN and reference guides available for download. Codamotion customers can see additional care and diagnostics information in the customer support section.

About ODIN

The ODIN software platform is familiar to movement analysis researchers, clinicians, and biomechanists around the world. ODIN takes you through the entire 3D movement analysis process.

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ODIN Guides

Here you can find descriptions of the different features of ODIN and how to use them, with clear step-by-step user guides.

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ODIN is software that runs under the Java computing platform from Sun Microsystems. ODIN also has an embedded Python engine allowing the user to customise its protocol by creating specific scripts. This section describes the process of installing ODIN and the required prerequisites for both 32bit and 64bit versions.

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