Adding Marker Text to the Layout

To add the Marker Text display in your Layout, simply select the panel where you want to display the marker position and then double click on the “Marker Text” item in the “View Definitions” of the left tree menu (see picture below).


This is a text display of marker position (x,y,z) coordinate values (mm). Markers are labelled by their hardware ID number. Coordinates and intensities are displayed only for markers which are in-view. The maximum number of markers displayed is determined by the acquisition sampling rate. If two Codas or more are connected and configured, the average position of each marker, the coordinates and the intensities measured from each unit and the Euclidian error estimation are displayed.

An intensity number of 1 indicates that the marker is not seen by this particular sensor of the unit. An intensity of 4 indicates that the sensor sees the marker but is not capable of estimating its position. Any number above 10 indicates the intensity of the marker seen by the sensor of the unit.