Bulk Edit Trial Parameters

Copying Trial Field Data to Other Trials

Sometimes users may wish to populate a number of existing trials with the same field trial data after the trial has been recorded. For example, if you have recorded a number of trials with the same user, but you have not recorded their personal or anatomical details at the time of recording.

The ‘Bulk Edit Trials’ allows you to select trial data from one trial and copy that data into a selection of other trials automatically.

First, make sure all the trials you want to copy data into are open. Also open the trial you want to use as the data source and make sure this is the currently selected trial. Then select the ‘Bulk Edit Trial Parameters’ option from the ‘File’ menu; the following wizard appears:

The trial that is being used as the master source of data (the currently selected trial) will be shown at the top (here highlighted in the red rectangle).

You may choose the data fields to be copied by ticking the boxes in the right-hand column (highlighted by the green rectangle).

Select which trials you wish to populate with the copied data by selecting them in the bottom box, which shows all the currently open trials (highlighted by the blue ticks.)

Then press ‘OK’.

Note: there is no ‘undo’ function for this action.