Creating Trial Field Views

Defining a Trial Field View

Once you have created one or more Protocol Fields, you can define a view that shows a selection of the fields within a ‘Trial Field View’. The ‘view’, with its particular combination of visible fields, is then available for display within a layout and is presented as a table which can be filled automatically by the scripts or manually by the user.

To create a new Trial Field View, hover the cursor over ‘Trial Fields View’ in the left menu, then ‘right click’ the mouse. You can now select ‘Add Trial Fields’.

This brings up the ‘Trial Fields Definition’ menu box. Choose a name for your new view definition and begin to name the fields you would like to include in your view. Each field may be defined as ‘Visible’ or ‘Non-Visible’. Click ‘OK’ when the definition is complete.

Once a new ‘Trial Field Definition’ has been saved, it appears in the menu tree on the left hand side, and may be selected for launch into a layout, editing, or removal, simply by right clicking its name and selecting the action from the drop down menu that appears:

Once the view is launched into a layout, data will show in the list of fields for the selected trial (e.g. the surname and age of the subject for the trial) as shown:

The values can be edited directly by double clicking into the appropriate row and column for recorded trials only. Any number of ‘Trial Field Views’ can be defined in the same Analysis Protocol.