Displaying and Reporting Data

How you choose to display and report your data in Odin is important for making the protocol fit for purpose. Below you can find instructions for how to configure different display settings within the Odin protocol.

Configuring Fields for Categorizing Trial Data

ODIN allows the user to define an unlimited number of fields (attached to trial data files) which may be used to categorize trials.

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Defining events pattern

Sometimes users may wish to mark events in their trial data, for example in cyclic movement such as walking (heel strike, toe off).

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Defining Views and Assigning to Layouts

A ‘Layout’ consists of a collection of data views arranged in a defined manner on the screen.

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Defining a Trial Field View

Once you have created one or more Protocol Fields, you can define a view that shows a selection of the fields within a ‘Trial Field View’.

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Defining a 3D View

A 3D view controls the display of markers, reference points, stick figures, force platforms and the CODA units.

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Defining a Stick Figure Joining Diagram

Stick figure joins are very useful for visualizing marker data, when one is interested in the movement of a number of markers in relation to one another.

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