Event Patterns

Defining events pattern

To access the event panel, click on the “Event Patterns” located in the “Protocol Tree” menu with the right button of the mouse and select “Add New” with the left button (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Creation of Events

Enter the event group name into the Name field (in this example, we’ll use ‘Jump’ as the event group name) and the name of the “start” and “end” events by specifying the name of each event in the “New Event” field and pressing the “+” Button.

Once the event group and the events are created, we need to add them to each trial used to create the average. This has to be done manually for each trial. First, display the graph of the variables you want to normalize, right-click with the mouse at the start of the movement and select the “Jump/Start” Event from the “Jump” group (Figure 2). Then, repeat it for the “Jump/End” event. Repeat these two actions for every trial.

Figure 2: Placement of the events