Exporting and Sharing Analysed Data (Motion Bundles)

ODIN also allows the user to create Motion Bundles that make it easy to transport and exchange data between ODIN Data Stores on different computers. A Motion Bundle includes:

  • Data from one or more trials (including any revisions to calculations)
  • One analysis protocol which applies to the data
  • An outer wrapper called the Codamotion motion bundle file (.MOBL)

The principal advantages of this concept are:

  • Useful for transporting data to remote laptop or home PC
  • Useful for emailing analyses to colleagues
  • Can merge revisions made on remote PC back into main network data store

1 Creating a Motion Bundle

A Motion Bundle can be created as a .mobl file which can then be easily transported, emailed or exchanged with other users. All data in the open trials and all layouts and definitions within the currently open Analysis Protocol will be included in the Motion Bundle.

To create a Motion Bundle, first open the required Analysis Protocol and trials that are to be included in the bundle. Now select File>Export Motion Bundle from the menu at the top of the ODIN window (as below).

Then choose a file name and location for the Motion Bundle, and select ‘OK’.

Note: ODIN does not display any message once the exporting process has been completed.