Force Calculation

If the hardware configuration you are using contains one or more force plates, then it is possible to display (on real-time or playback) either the force vector(s) or the force text(s) or both. ODIN software handles the calculations required to convert raw force signals to force vectors. However, it is not automatically computed.

ODIN can be configured to support force platforms manufactured by Kistler, AMTI or Bertec and portable force platforms made by AMTI but note that the hardware configuration is not done through ODIN but through the Codamotion Configuration Manager Software (see Codamotion Configuration Manager manual).

The Force Calculation control is set in the “Set Force Calculation…” which is opened by selecting the “Set Force Calculation…” item in the “Calculation” Menu (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Force Calculation option

f one or more force plates are connected to the active-hub and correctly configured in the Codamotion Configuration Manager then it is possible to display the force vector and text of each force plate.

To display the 3D force vector of each force plate, tick the “Show Force Plates” option of the 3D view where you want to display the force vectors (Figure 2)

Figure 2: Configuration of the Force vector display from the 3D view Configuration

Note that if the vector either doesn’t correspond to the reaction force or is not displayed, this suggests that the force plate hasn’t been correctly configured into the Codamotion Configuration Manager Software. Please check the force plate orientation value from the Codamotion Configuration Manager Software and also the gain setting if you are using a Kistler force plate.

To display the force and the centre of pressure position texts, double click on the “Force Text” item in the “protocol tree” menu (see Figure 3). The raw signal of the force plate can also be displayed by double clicking on the “Analog Text” item (see Figure 3).

Figure 3: Display of the force and analogue text