Opening and Closing Trials

This dialogue-box allows you to open previously saved trials and/or close any open trials in the trial-list viewer. It allows you to search for trials based on all fields that are available in your current Protocol. You can access the Open/Close Trials dialogue box via the following methods:

  • File Menu -> Open/close Trials
  • Press function key “F10” and “O” on your keyboard
  • Press and hold “CTRL” + “T” on your keyboard

As can be seen from the screenshot above, this dialogue box has three main sections.

  • Filter Criteria (Top section highlighted in green)
  • Filtered Trial List (Middle section highlighted in blue)
  • New Trial List (Bottom section highlighted in Red)

The Filter Criteria section allows you to build a filter/query to be applied on the ODIN Data Store. On the right-hand side is a list titled “Subject ID List”. It automatically displays all available subject IDs in the current data-store. You can also filter your results by using other fields that may be present in your currently open Protocol.

The Filtered Trial List section displays trials resulting from your query when you click on the “Find Trials” button. You can also reset your search using the “Clear All Filters” button. This clears the Filter Criteria section and the Filtered Trial List section.

The New Trial List section displays your current set of open and to-be-opened trials. It is basically a snapshot of what your Open Trial List will look like when you click on the “Apply” button.

For example, if you are looking for a trial with the following criteria,

Subject ID = “Tony Stark”
Date of acquisition = 14-May-2013

Enter the above information in the respective fields and press “Find Trials”.

You can also filter further using a maximum of three other fields. For example, below, the same search is now done using the additional field “Subject Weight”. (It is also possible to search ONLY using Field 1). Removing the tick from the check-box adjacent to any particular field removes it from the search query.

The “Filter by” text box displays your current search query when you click “Find Trials”. In the above example, one can see that it is “Subject ID AND Date AND Field 1” which essentially means, “Search for All trials that have (Subject ID=Tony Stark && Date=14-May-2013 && Weight=170).”

The following screenshot explains how you can modify the precedence of operators/fields in your search query.

The “Combine Field X with Field Y” radio button is a way of adding parenthesis around any two fields. This can be used when for example you are searching for all trials that match the query ((Weight=170 && LeftKneeMin=30) || Info=Test1).

Ticking the check-box titled “Exact Match (Text Fields)” is to ensure your resulting trials have an exact-match of the text entries in the Fields used to search. Un-ticking this however, results any all trials that “Contain” the text entered.

For example, a search for Field 1 “Subject ID” = “Bruce” will have different results depending on whether Exact Match is turned on or off,

Subject ID in database Trial Found (Exact Match ON) Trial Found (Exact Match OFF)
Bruce Yes Yes
Bruce Lee No Yes
Bruce Wayne No Yes
Bruce No No
Bruce Wayne No Yes
Lionel Bruce No Yes


Now that we have a few trials from our filter query, the next thing is to add some of them to our New Trial List. There are three ways of doing this:

  • Double-click on one of more trials in the Filtered Trial List. (You may need to press and hold shift or ctrl if you have more than one trial to add to the list).
  • Select the required trials and click on “Add Selected Trials”
  • Click “Add all trials” and everything in your Filtered Trial List will be added to the New Trial List

Once the trials have been added to the New Trial List, click “Apply” and the selected trials will be opened.

You can also close trials that are already open in ODIN. The Open/Close Trials dialogue shows already opened trials in the “New Trial List” by default. Simply select the trials that you want to close, and click on the “Remove Selected Trials” button. You can also close all open trials by clicking the “Remove All Trials”. Finally, click on “Apply” for the changes to be in effect.

The “Cancel” button can be used when you want to discard changes to your New Trial List and exit the Open/Close Trials dialogue.