Stick Figure Diagrams

Defining a Stick Figure Joining Diagram

To create a new Joining Diagram, hover the cursor over ‘Stick Figure Joins’ in the left menu, then ‘right click’ the mouse. You can now select ‘Add New’.

The ‘Stick Figure Joining Diagram’ dialogue box will open (as below).
First name your new ‘Stick Figure Joining Diagram’, then add the joins by choosing a group name and the appropriate channel for the ends of each join from the drop down list:

The ‘Colour’ field allows the user to define a colour for every join. For convenience, new joins are initially assigned the most recently selected colour. This allows the user to quickly define groups of joins with the same colour, where required.

The ‘Direction’ field allows the user to define which end or ends of the join should be displayed with an arrow.

Once a new ‘Stick Figure Joining Diagram’ has been saved, it appears in the menu tree on the left hand side, and may be selected for launch into 3D view or removal, simply by right clicking its name and selecting the action from the drop down menu that appears. To display a Stick Figure in 3D, simply right click on the 3D view you want to add the Stick Figure to in the tree menu, and select “Edit”. Then in the “Joining Diagrams” section, tick the Stick Figure you want to see and close the panel by clicking “OK”.

Any number of ‘Stick Figure Joining Diagrams’ can be stored in the same Analysis Protocol.