Trial Viewer Configuration

Configuring Fields for Categorising Trial Data

ODIN allows the user to define an unlimited number of fields (attached to trial data files) which may be used to categorise trials. (For example, you may wish to record the age of all subjects who take part in trials or, perhaps, simply a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to mark whether there was a clean strike on a force plate.)

To use this function, the name and type of each field must be defined using the ‘Protocol Fields’ configuration menu.

First, select View>Trial Viewer Configuration from the top menu bar.

This will bring up the ‘Protocol Fields’ configuration menu (shown below):


Fields can be added using the ‘+’ button.

‘Category’ can be selected from the drop down list that appears when this column is selected. New Categories can be created by typing a new name.

‘Field’ allows a meaningful name to be given to this piece of data.

‘Type’ specifies the format of the field: either ‘Integer’, ‘Boolean’, ‘String’ (text), ‘Date’ or ‘Double’ (a real number).

Selecting ‘Trial List’ adds the field as a permanent column to be displayed in the ‘Trial List’ at the bottom of the main ODIN window.

Selected fields can be deleted using the “-“ button.

Once a new field has been set up, it is available for display and editing within a layout using the ‘View Definitions’.