Aya Fibert (Operations Manager)

Aya Fibert Operations Manager

Aya has been instrumental in revamping the operations of companies across a great range of industries, from architecture to restaurants, and now movement analysis. Aya joined the company in 2023.

Aya’s work touches on all aspects of Codamotion, including the design of support processes for our end-users so that all can get the most from their Codamotion systems, quality management, team performance, and input to future business strategy.

Joel Mitchelson Ph.D (Managing Director)

Joel Mitchelson Ph.D Managing Director

Joel joined to take over the Managing Director (CEO) role in 2017, and oversees all aspects of the company. Joel brings with him a wealth of business, research, and engineering experience. His career has encompassed areas as diverse as computer vision, climate science, augmented reality, and biomechanics. Joel also has a deep knowledge of 3D movement analysis and quite literally grew up with it – his father is none other than company founder and inventor of the original technology behind Codamotion, David Mitchelson. Codamotion thus remains a family business.

"It’s a great honour to be able to lead the company as we work with our customers and partners to evolve the movement analysis systems and applications of the future. Our vision is to maximise the use of movement analysis around the world, with the goal of enhancing lives. I have seen the markets and technology in this area throughout my life, and am convinced there has never been a more exciting and productive time to be working on this." – Joel Mitchelson

Paul Boyd (Production Manager)

Paul Boyd Production Manager

Paul joined Codamotion in 2009 and leads the production team that builds all Codamotion systems at our UK manufacturing facility. He has over 30 years of production control and production management experience in leading edge companies, working to accredited quality standards.

Paul is in charge of delivering a quality product to our customers, and plays a leading role in the creation of new product designs.


David Mitchelson Company Founder

Company founder David Mitchelson continues to provide a wealth of experience and expertise to Codamotion in an advisory capacity. Examples of the many outstanding contributions that David has made over many years can be found on the history page.

"Codamotion is a supplier of motion capture equipment to the academic research, gait analysis and other related life science markets, with the goal of enhancing lives."