The ODIN software platform is familiar to movement analysis researchers, clinicians, and biomechanists around the world. ODIN takes you through the entire 3D movement analysis process including:

  • Data acquisition from multiple sensors and measurement devices
  • Real-time monitoring of data inputs
  • Long-term data storage and retrieval
  • Analysis of 3D and spatio-temporal data, and display of results
  • Sharing of data and protocols with others in the same location and remotely
  • Printed reports
ODIN (Software)

Codamotion RTNet SDK

Whilst the ODIN software provides an easy-to-use graphical interface for movement analysis, it is often the case that computer programmers, engineers, and systems integrators need to work directly with 3D measurements in real-time. For this purpose Codamotion provides the RTNet Software Development Kit (SDK). With the RTNet SDK you can:

  • Process streams of fully labelled XYZ 3D marker locations in real-time within your own programs
  • Integrate the movement analysis systems with novel output devices, including VR and AR displays
  • Make use of a graphical configuration manager to configure additional input devices such as analogue interfaces, force platforms, and EMG systems
  • Receive data from additional input devices directly into your own programs, fully synchronised with labelled XYZ 3D marker locations

The SDK has client interfaces in C++ and Java, and comes with a suite of example programs. On request Codamotion can undertake small software development projects to produce bespoke example code to demonstrate how you can use the SDK for your particular integration task. Please contact us to discuss your requirement.

Codamotion RTNet SDK (Software)
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