Codamotion has been pioneering gait analysis since the 1960s. Since those early days, we have always been an innovator in the technology, and our system today is still one of the easiest to set up, with unparalleled accuracy, portable, and supported by powerful software called Odin that can be locked down to cater for your needs. We install. You use. You’re in safe hands.

Reasons to Choose Codamotion for Systems for Gait Analysis Services

From 3rd party video integration to force plates, Codamotion can supply a complete turnkey solution. We have supported clients by way of supplying technology, and consulting services around creating gait labs. You can capture data from analogue or digital devices and stream it directly into Odin.

Codamotion is always on a quest to do things with greater accuracy, deliver results faster, and make technology cheaper to make it more accessible.

To that end Codamotion is one of the most cost effective solutions on the market.

We’ve been helping develop research labs for 30 years, and in that time we have mastered the art of delivering excellent value for money for users.

Codamotion is based on an active marker technology.

A pioneer in the technology – Codamotion delivers serious researchers and clinicians with real-time feedback, low latency, and true data format allowing analysis on first principles, exceptional temporal accuracy and zero marker sorting post acquisition.

NASA and the European Space Agency have chosen Codamotion to track complex movement in space.

Many papers have been published with data being acquired by the Codamotion system by research institutes all over the world.

From indoor and outdoor systems, with unbeatable accuracy, our Codamotion sensors have simplicity in look, with cutting-edge technology inside, fully calibrated and synchronised with an array of third party research tools.

Our passion is accuracy, repeatability and ease of use.