Codamotion is the technology provider of choice for organisations which need to establish a world-leading research facility in 3D Movement Analysis, with the flexibility to cater for a wide variety of projects from one powerful general-purpose platform.

Codamotion has been advancing real-time 3D movement analysis technology for a long time, with a worldwide user base of researchers. Codamotion offers a cost effective solution, while offering uncompromising accuracy, portability with indoor and outdoor systems, real-time 3D data, and powerful software allowing you to build the research environment you want.

Reasons to Choose Codamotion for Research Facilities

NASA and the European Space Agency have chosen Codamotion to track complex movement in space. Hundreds of papers have been published with data being acquired by the Codamotion system by research institutes all over the world. From indoor and outdoor systems, with unbeatable accuracy, our Codamotion sensors have simplicity in look, with cutting-edge technology inside, fully calibrated and synchronised with an array of third party research tools. Our passion is accuracy, repeatability and ease of use.

Codamotion gives you the control to do your research where you want to, when you want to – whether that’s in a lab, on a sports field or in a boxing ring. Winter or summer, indoors or outdoors, we have a system for you.

Codamotion is based on an active marker technology. A pioneer in the technology – Codamotion delivers serious researchers and clinicians with real-time feedback, low latency, and true data format allowing analysis on first principles, exceptional temporal accuracy and zero marker sorting post acquisition.

Codamotion systems are fully integrated with the ODIN software platform, a software environment which is instantly familiar to engineers and researchers around the world. ODIN lets you manage and share data with colleagues via industry standard formats, produce sophisticated visualisations, and create reports. With ODIN you can load ready-made analysis protocols or build your own. The full processing chain is open and visible to you. Advanced users can import Python scripts containing their own analysis algorithms. ODIN is powerful. It can be pushed as hard as you want to.

Codamotion has made a reputation for itself in the world-wide community of users as a system that is easy to set-up and use. Our one sensor, weighing less than 5kg, is equivalent to two or three typical cameras found in other systems. All our sensors come pre-calibrated meaning that you can simply plug and play. Set-up time can be as little 20 minutes. Our systems are also portable by design, meaning that you can take the system to where you need to, rather than bringing the subject into a fixed laboratory.

Codamotion is always on a quest to do things with greater accuracy, deliver results faster, and make technology cheaper to make it more accessible. To that end Codamotion is one of the most cost effective solutions on the market. We’ve been helping develop research labs for 30 years, and in that time we have mastered the art of delivering excellent value for money for users.

Research Applications


We are industry partner of choice when it comes to 3D assessment of human interaction with products, work space and living spaces.

Need to undertake the 3D assessment of human interaction with products, work space or living spaces? In use in a wide variety of ergonomic and human factor applications, our systems can help with your motion measurement and analysis needs.

Research Applications

Neuroscience, Neurophysiology & Rehabilitation

We have a worldwide user base using the Codamotion technology to study posture analysis, balance studies, reaching tasks; right the way through to developing prosthesis.

Codamotion systems are used to inform and understand the rehabilitation process, and to develop the rehabilitation techniques of the future.

Research Applications

Sports Biomechanics

Sports scientists need data acquired where the action is, whether that’s in a remote corner of their sports hall, their gymnasium, or outside on the sports field.

Codamotion’s unique technology is lightweight and portable, requiring no calibration by the user when set up in a new location. Motion capture can take place just about anywhere.

Research Applications

Veterinary & Animal Sciences

Many of our users want to analyse the movement and behaviour of animals.

Codamotion systems are versatile, portable, indoor and outdoor, and very easy to set-up and use. Examples have included horses, dogs, and sheep.

Research Applications

Industrial Sciences & Object Tracking

We’ve been supporting innovation for over 30 years.

We have laboratories all over the world tracking robots using our active marker technology. Whether you are tracking fast-moving UAVs, industrial robots, or huge earth movers in hostile environments, our motion tracking systems can be integrated into your application.

Codamotion systems have very low latency, are easy to set-up and use, and our users can integrate our data into any control system. We are rapidly growing into this area.

Research Applications

Novel Research Applications

We’ve been working closely with some of the largest and most prestigious organisations to push the boundaries of what is possible.

We’ve worked with the European Space Agency to design and build a motion capture system for object tracking in space. We have worked with the world’s largest manufacturer of earth movers to track the finest movements in hostile environments. We continue to work with organisations who have the ambition and the tenacity to push the boundaries of what can be done.