EMG Systems

For human movement analysis, measurements of muscle activity can be used to complement the 3D measurements from Codamotion systems to provide greater understanding of the biomechanics taking place.

Codamotion works with EMG system providers to provide a fully integrated experience. Acquiring and analysing synchronised data from an EMG system from within the ODIN software platform works is as simple as plugging the system in and selecting an appropriate protocol.

EMG Technology Partners

  • Delsys
  • Motion Labs
  • Noraxon
EMG Systems (Other Measurement Components)

Force Platforms & Walkways

To understand the kinetics (forces, torques, moments, powers) within the skeleton as a human moves, movement data from a Codamotion system can be combined with information from force platforms.

Codamotion works with force platform providers to provide an integrated experience. Not only is it easy to acquire synchronised force data in the ODIN software, but a full set of kinetic analysis methods are available to automatically compute joint kinetics and present it alongside the kinematic information.

Force Platform Technology Partners

  • AMTI
  • Arsalis
  • Bertec
  • Kistler
Force Platforms & Walkways (Other Measurement Components)

Video Systems

Contextual video aids understanding of marker measurements undertaken by a Codamotion system.

The ODIN software allows video acquisitions to be directly linked to movement acquisitions, so that both can be see side-by-side, and managed within the same data archive. Please contact us to discuss your video requirements in more detail.

Video Systems (Other Measurement Components)
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