A central control unit from a Codamotion system with combined power and data connections for up to eight CODA sensor units.

The active control hub (CodaHub) is recommended for those users who want to:

  • Run large numbers of CODA units (more than 2)
  • Integrate third party data streams such as from EMG or force plates
  • Minimise real-time latency

The standard unit comes with a connection panel for 4 CODA units (expandable to 8), and with 32 channels of A/D for integrating third party data (expandable to 64 channels). Inputs and outputs for TTL triggering and for driving strobe units are also available as options.

CodaHub (Data Hubs)

Mini Hub

A MiniHub provides power and data connections for one or two CX1 or CXS units.

The MiniHub is the most portable way to connect a Codamotion system together, weighing 2kg and with overall dimensions 320 x 85 x 115mm. It feeds data to a control computer (running ODIN software or similar) via a USB output.

Mini Hub (Data Hubs)
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