Institute of Neurology, UK

The Sobell Department within the University College London, Institute of Neurology is a perfect example of integrating many data streams into a single system.

The Whole-body Sensorimotor laboratory in Queens Square London is part of University College London, and has one of the biggest and most sophisticated Codamotion systems in the world.

It consists of 8 CX1 units and several active control hubs with a customised extension such that up to 96 channels of analogue data can be combined and integrated with the 3D motion data. Integrated third party data sources include multiple forceplates and eyetrackers.

The flexibility of the system is such that the equipment is either split between two laboratories, or combined into one large system when large area data capture is required in a particular experiment.

This image is from this ‘Sit to Stand’ project which includes a full body cluster set up:

This image is from an ongoing Pull Test project in which patients with Parkinson’s disease (and age-matched controls) receive pulls in the forward and backward direction. A full-body cluster set-up with force plates and EMG is used to analyse responses to the pulls.

For more information see their website:

"Codamotion is a supplier of motion capture equipment to the academic research, gait analysis and other related life science markets, with the goal of enhancing lives."