QMUL, London, UK

Queen Mary University of London is a long standing customer of Codamotion.

The university now has two Codamotion systems, totalling five CX1 units, two active hubs and a toolbox of other accessories. The systems are used in conjunction with Kistler force plates and EMG systems from both Noraxon and TMSI.

Research Activity The tendon research group is interested in characterising tendon mechanobiology in health and disease throughout life. Taking a hierarchical approach, the group investigate tendon behaviour from a whole body level (in vivo) right down to sub-cellular mechanics.

By understanding structure, function and mechanics in healthy tissue first, the group are building a picture of the changes which occur in injury and disease and why they occur, so they can begin finding treatments to prevent or cure these.

More on the website: http://www.tendon.qmul.ac.uk/

"Codamotion is a supplier of motion capture equipment to the academic research, gait analysis and other related life science markets, with the goal of enhancing lives."