UGECAM, Coubert, France

UGECAM in Coubert, close to Paris, is a new laboratory (2013) that features many of Codamotion’s latest technologies.

4 CODA CX1 Units and the latest CodaHub are connected to two Kistler force plates and a Delsys EMG system. This is supported by a Video-Vector System (VALI) that allows the user to do a ‘quick’ analysis of a new patient using highspeed video and force plates before committing to the full 3D analysis protocol.

The system was supplied on a turn-key basis including an overhead projector for beaming results directly onto a projection screen at the back of the lab.

"Codamotion is a supplier of motion capture equipment to the academic research, gait analysis and other related life science markets, with the goal of enhancing lives."